For some reason I can no longer see the name on the project timeline of each arranger segment
I had renamed from a b c etc. to verse chorus . but I loaded up Cubase today all names are gone on the project window?

A screenshot would be useful for this.

I tried the following so far seems I spend more time fixing this software than using it
Reset preference
reinstalled cubase
updated vid card driver
still not fixed

You only showed a small part of the screen, which simply shows what you said. We’re not asking for proof, more info is needed.

What’s in the info line when you select one of the arranger parts?

What happens when you zoom in or out?

What happens if you increase or decrease the height of the Arranger track?

Something like this would be more useful. Keep in mind we’re looking for clues to solve your problem. The less info you provide the less chance any clues will be found.

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I will add screen shot with more info. thanks
zooming doesn’t affect it or height of track
info line seems ok

wow was looking for preferences and found my issue

Thanks for help it at lease got me looking
I never changed this setting it must be off by default

The logical thing to do would be, if you have an arranger track the titles would always been on. what use is an arranger track without titles?

I haven’t verified this, but based on the Preference’s description I’d assume it displays/hides the names all all the different kinds of Events and not just Arranger Events.