arranger track record

hi there, i im trying to arrange my song triggering different parts in the Arranger Track with MIDI Notes like shown in this video (it starts around min11.30)
it uses the generic remote in the device setup to setup the midi notes controlling the arranger parts

but there seems to be no way of recording your performance , only dialing manually in how many repeats each part should be in the arrange chain instead of just having a record button in the arrange chain.
it feels so much more musical to start the arrangement by just jamming than to be always arranging visually or by typing in repeats,

so my question is is there a way to record the midi triggering into the arrange chain and then later i flatten and work further on my arrangement?

and on a sidenote it would make sense to me that you would be able to flatten after a specific bar number. then you could make few version of an arrangement all on the same timeline just after each other.



No, you can’t record this “controller” data.