Arranger track +Track versions integration!

I love the track aranger, and I love the new track versions. But through my experience I am finding that I will use the arranger often, and the track versions not at all.

If you guys could find a way to blend the 2 together I would really appreciate it.

For instance, when using track arranger, what if you added a drop down box where you could choose between the Diffrent versions available for each track? On the arranger track blocks.

So then I would be able to take advantage of the Diffrent versions immediately instead of all the work arounds to accomplish the same result.

Just a thought!

Thanks Cubase for this wonderful tool!

Yeah, that - drop down options - would be really useful. Doesn’t need to be limited to Arrange track either, though good to have the option there.

I really like that idea, would be useful for me!

bloody hell… Thats an amazing idea… So basicly you could use the trackversions as clips, that are controled from the arrangertrack… Love it…