Arranger tracks vs Marker track?

In Pro Tools I’m use to markers but the arranger track looks intriguing. What is the difference between the arranger track and the marker track?

Thank you in advance.

Marker tracks are normally used to navigating from event to event or elsewhere across a project. Arranger tracks are more advanced. Normally they make it easier to shuffle sections of audio with a similar beat/feel whatever.

Say you have a rock song. You have a verse, chorus, then verse, and bridge. Well, you want the order to be verse, verse, chorus, bridge. Simply create arranger events for each of those sections and use the Arranger Editor to swap the sections. You can then display the changes by flattening the chain. If this is confusing, check into the manual.

Conclusion: Markers are more for navigation. Arranger Chains are typically used to rearrange different sections of a song.

Are you serious? Are you bloody serious.

That is cool, very cool. So lets say I’m doing a film trailer. Section A is all rhythmic, B has all Brass, and then C comes in with a heavy string part. I can just switch the parts around to say B C A if I wanted?

Also where is the manual? Did not get 1 in the box, just a “getting started”. Then under the folder documents, there isn’t a manual. But there are 6 random pdf files. But no manual.

Thanks Bane.

You bet. Pretty sweet feature, eh? At the top of Cubase, you should see Help>Documentation>Operation Manual. That’s the one!

Here’s how it works. After adding the Arranger track use the pencil to draw in the events that will mark the different sections. On the arranger track click the little E. On the right, you’ll see your arranger events. Drag those into the space on the left in the order you would wish them to be in. At the top right, click the control that says flatten. Arranged like you want it. :slight_smile: