Arranger window , and general upgrade missing

the mixer window is very good now
but the arranger window is very bad .

Automation curve add 1 track , i would like to have automation lanes and wave form or midi data bunk in 1 track for save space in the project .

We always have to go on the inspector so see witch plugin , aux send routing ect …
in protools we see all of theese parameter in the project for all track in the same time .

And we can move this parameter without go in the inspector .

Cubase 8 pro : a lot of important upgrade are missing .
undo mixer
pencil tool random curves
ect… and a lot more …

hurry up steinberg please …

These features are unlikely to be added simply because it doesn’t add to the competitive edge nor are they deal breakers for the vast majority of users, though many have asked for mixer undo for quite some time now.

For composition I agree this feature are not essential .

But for mixing and recording real session studio with more than 20 tracks for example .
I think if the cubase user’s don’t ask for this upgrade it’s because they don’t know how better it is on the concurrence ( protools in this case ) .

steinberg say now it’s cubase PRO a tools for composition , mix , recording studio .

a lot of protools user’s are tired by the avid policy . me the first and search for 1 other DAW to do the job correctly .
Steinberg can win a lot of client if they improve this side !!

All the big feature are good in cubase , but only somes litle thing’s are missing to be really pro for mix and studio .

arranger Display , somme shortcruts , pencils tools, sync point on midi tracks , and general workflow improvement ect …