Arranging in Cubasis is somewhat retro

Everytime I build up arrangements via copy & paste I feel like in the early nineties.

Is a repeat function or a similar tool on the list with planned features?

Yeah, I’d love to see a duplicate tool that just places the duplicate after the selected clip and a way to have instances of the clips so you only need to edit the original, it’s been mentioned before, not sure what the verdict is though…

Me too. This is one area where Nanostudio and Beatmaker are still markedly superior.

Select the desired track and region press copy then paste. The desired duplicate will be placed at the end. Repeated pastes will automatically go to the end. No need for further copies or moving the play head.

I agree the pasting function works well for duplication, but loop handles/function would be less “retro”, tedious. GB’s loop handles are the most intuitive.

I feel the bigger problem here is that each pasted midi segment becomes its own thing. Sometimes this behavior is required, but other times I want to treat is as a cloned pattern I.e. Modify one modifies all. Eg similar pattern functionality exists in bM2 and Nanostudio

Yes, we need that indeed.

The copy/paste function mentioned might be fine when copying/pasting on one track only, but there’s some nasty stuff happening when pasting events from different tracks if you don’t have the top track selected.

It would also be great to have a position lock, either local or global, so that we don’t move events around by accident.