Arrow key navigation stays within element type - your preference?

Just curious what the thinking is behind the fact that using the arrow keys is only allowed within the selected element type. Meaning if you’re in notes, you can navigate notes, you can’t navigate to lyrics, time/key signatures or whatnot. My guess is that because all the different element types are available via shortcuts (Shift- mainly) that’s enough to get around - which is true enough.

However I’m curious if there are any preferences on this? I’d prefer if it was freely navigable to anything on the page using a nearest element kind of logic, like if I’m at the left most note hitting the left arrow would jump to the key signature, then left again would go to time, going up from any of those would go to the above the bar elements like text or rehearsal marks. Probably like most people my computer keyboard is just above and near the piano - and I use a num pad in my left hand when needed - and the best way to navigate is via arrow keys, the reason being it can be done with one hand (and the other being on the piano). Having to use both hands is too clumsy, so instead I used the mouse to click another object type, which is slow and stutters flow as I keep jumping arrow keys to mouse band back.

I think what you describe sort of used to be the case, (navigating to the nearest element) but it was changed. Now you can use TAB with some success to move from a note to a slur for instance, but it is not predictable (at least not to me) and it does not work all the time and not with all elements.

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