Arrow pointing at the melody

I have Dorico 3 and Im writing a choral arrangement.
The melody wanders between all the parts (4part SATB) and I would like to put in arrows pointing on the voice/the notes that has/is the melody.
Do you know if I can do this in Dorico? How?

You could use Text or Playing Techniques.

Lines were introduced in Dorico 3.5. Really, if you want to get the most out of Dorico, I’d recommend upgrading, as there are literally thousands of new features and improvements since version 3.

I know one can use Haupstimme, so if Dorico does not automatically provide arrows, one can add them to the Playing Techniques (at least in Dorico Pro).

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I would mark it with “mel.” in staff text.

Yes, I know I have a really old version…
I have Dorico pro 3.1, do you know if there is free upgrades, or do I need to buy a new program?

Maybe have a look in Steinberg Download Assistant and choose “Dorico” on the left, and the available updates for your version will appear on the right (I hope this applies also to older versions).

(can someone explain to me what the difference between update and upgrade is, in general? I thought that update is referred to the little number after the big version number, and upgrade refers to the big version number…? Or, as it seems, they have the same meaning?)

You’ll need to buy the upgrade from Dorico 3 to 5:

… which is c. £135 (inc. tax), so probably a bit more in $ or €.

Actually no, 3.5 was a paid update.

An update is keeping your tier (SE, Elements, Pro) but changing the version numbers. Updates can be paid or for free.
An upgrade is keeping the version number but choosing a higher tier of a program (SE to Elements, Elements to Pro, SE to Pro).

Oppss, sorry for me spreading wrong information :blush: (I deleted that part).

And thanks also for the clarification about the terminology.