Arrow Selection in Chords

Is it possible for the up/down arrows to go up/down every note in a chord?
At the moment, I have to also use left/right to select notes that are displaced (seconds).

No, at the moment this is not possible: because the navigation is graphical in nature (it goes to the nearest thing in the direction in which you are moving, according to the arrow key you pressed), you won’t necessarily get to a back-note or front-note if you are pressing up or down from a note on the opposite side of the stem.

Will it be possible - it is disconcerting and not really meaningful to jump chord notes just because they’re displaced.
It also does jump from a displaced note back to the main chord notes with just the up and down arrows.

I would certainly never say never, but I think it’s unlikely to be something we revisit in the immediate future.

Ok. Thanks for reply!