Arrows to show gradual change


I was wondering if there is any way to create arrows to show gradual change from one effect to another, for instance if I wanted a cellist to move gradually from sul pont. to sul tasto and notated it like such over a staff:
sul pont. ----------------------> sul tasto.

Am I just missing where this is an option? Or has it not been implemented yet? If not, it shouldn’t be harder than just creating the same principals as a crescendo or diminuendo except changing it to an arrow instead.


I do not think that kind of lines have been implemented yet. If it were, you could probably add the arrows in the properties panel…

I have been faking these by using a straight line (shift X for text entry, then underscore character); then I make another text box with the unicode arrow symbol:

It’s a hack but it works OK.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the great hack idea. I’ll be using that!

Just found another variant on Stephen’s unicode method. If you do everything in the one text box, you can create a character style and apply it to the arrow to make it line up with the underscore. I found a baseline shift of 4.70pt and a letter spacing of 6.00pt did a pretty good job.

There are dedicated arrow fonts you should check out as well.