ART PRO VLAII budget compressor - impressed...

Bought one just for the hell of it - wanted to experiment with outboard for mixbus “glue” compression.
Hooked it up to my UR44 and run it as an external insert on the mix bus - I must say it sounds really nice to my old ears - very warm and musical - haven’t tried it for more specific compression duties yet (vocals etc) but as a mixbus compressor I already prefer it to any of my plugins (although my favourite was a freebe anyway - LA thrillseeker) the only limiting factor I can see as a mixbus compressor is the lack of sidechain filter - so over bassy tracks tend to drive it hard - saying that you can really hit it and the sound holds together well. It can be used as a limiter as well so you can mix down with your “glue” settings then run the two track through it again with a 20:1 limiter setting and crank the input up - I’m still experimenting with that one.

Feels like a really nice bit of kit for a very reasonable £250. Metal case, notched knobs and big backlit VUs. People can get really snobby about “cheap” hardware but this sounds great to me - the apparent build quality is a bonus at the price.

Outboard is FUN! :sunglasses:
Good stuff…


it’s a nice vocal compressor

.Just to be able to close your eyes and turn a few knobs, only using your ears is really refreshing after hours staring at a computer screen. Now you are hooked you need a nice EQ :wink:

It is indeed, I have a fair bit of “real” studio experience and you’re right you can’t beat relying on your ears!