Articulation feature?

If I add pizz. to a cello note (SHIFT-P), then move it (or a group of notes beginning with that newly-articulated note) left, using Option ←, I lose that articulation (it’s arco again); is that expected?

Secondly, I think I found the limit of moving groups of notes that way recently: it’s preferable to Cut and Paste, say, 20 notes to the left or right, rather than Option ←/→ repeatedly moving them… even on a fast machine, I get the beachball - quite understandable: there is a lot to put in and out of the buffer.

Lastly, are there plans to have notes which do of course play correctly as nat. or pizz. etc when played in sequence also sound that way when selected singly for editing?

You don’t mean that the “pizz.” marking is deleted, do you? Rather that it no longer has any effect on playback. I suspect this is another symptom of the well-rehearsed problems concerning pizz./arco not taking effect properly, and will be resolved in due course. Chasing of playing techniques on selection is also a bit complicated, because we don’t currently recalculate the playback state after every edit: instead, we do it just before playback. In due course we hope to be able to do this in the background, in which case it should be possible for it to be kept up-to-date in between playback sessions.

Thanks, Daniel - always happy to wait for the upcoming fix… your energies are boundless!

Actually, Yes - the pizz. marking does get deleted altogether. And the heard articulation reverts to arco.

I use nat. over arco now to better ensure the desired effect.