Articulation Lanes need management

It can get very cluttered with key edit when using large expression maps, with so many articulation lanes being shown, it would be good to be either able to nest lanes into folders or to be able to enable/disable visibility of selected lanes - a bit like the mixer allows channels to be visible or not.

+1 some kind of method of dealing with this problem is needed.

+1. In addition, the white lines don’t fit the new color scheme that well and make the light grey text harder to read.

It would help if you could scroll down. The lanes get smaller until they totally disappear. I expected this would have been fixed by now. Also when making maps, when they get big, you have to wait for an unacceptable amount of time to scroll down to the bottom and add another one. It simply is not engineered as well as you would expect from Cubase.

+1 for all+ hold and drag the blue draw lane up and down to other articulation lane freely.