Articulation names in Score Editor / merge staves

Hi - I am trying to use the Score Editor in Cubase 12. Perhaps someone can help me with any of these:

  1. I am using EXPRESSION MAPS to switch articulations. Is there anyway to hide all the articulation names when opening the score editor (if I delete them it also deletes the articulation)

  2. Sometimes I use for one instrument different midi lanes (for instance for CELLO I have one Midi track for long, one for legato, one for tremolo, etc). Is there any way to merge them into one single Stave instead of having one stave per articulation?

I am just trying to experiment between different workflows. I like to see the score but going back to Sibelius or Dorico every time is not great, so i thought to give the score editor in Cubase a go

answers to your questions;

  1. From the Score Editor go to Score Settings, Project tab, Notation Style, and in the Miscellaneous group check the option “Hide Expression Map Symbols”

  2. Overlap your MIDI parts corresponding to your different articulations and open the Score.
    (Though, since you are using Expression Maps, I do not see the point of having a separate track for every articulation, because this is precisely contrary to the purpose of the Expression Map feature)

Thanks a lot - will try that.

I am well aware how both systems work - the point of asking for both techniques is because I use one or the other way of changing articulations (not as the same time of course…), depending on who am I working with.

…that worked perfectly, amazing. Thanks a lot for your help! :fist_right:

Glad that it helped.
You’re welcome.