Articulation switching via Midi Channel

Dear folks at Dorico, dear Forum Members,

at first a big Thank you for developing this promising product of future
music handling, so many features to build upon!

The thing is that–
My orchestral template (VE Pro) and my Cubase Expression maps are
based on articulation switching by Midi Channel.
One instance of VE Pro holds the instruments of a section on successive Midi Channels,
so far so good, each Instrument/Channel then has its articulations on sub channels.
Is this routing possibility likely to be implemented into Dorico in some near future or should
I rather start changing everything to CC switching?

I hope the answer might be useful to other forum members,
thanks in advance and keep up the good work,


Welcome to the forum, Holger. We certainly intend to make it possible to switch MIDI channel via the expression maps mechanism, but it’s not going to happen imminently, i.e. certainly not in the next little update that will fix some bugs in 2.0. So for the time being it might be a good idea to explore some possibilities for switching that work with Dorico’s current set of capabilities.

Hello Daniel,

that’s great to hear, for the time being I’ll go with the sounds supplied I guess,
thanks for your swift answer.