Articulation Values Settings


I think there may be innacuracies when Dorico applies accents and marcatos setup in the Play Options.

Looking in the ‘Plab’ tab > Play Options > Dynamics’ window, we are able to set levels for articulations. In this window, Dorico gives the values criteria as:

“Setting these values to 1 will increase the dynamic of the note so that it is equal to the next dynamic intensity.”

If I understand this correctly, this doesn’t seem to happen here for me. Consequently, values for a % of 1 such as 0.50 (default accent) and 0.80 (default marcato) don’t work correctly either.

Strangely, the value for the accent at 0.50 does appear to add the full value of 1 instead of the 0.50.

I realise that I may have misunderstood Dorico’s values criteria or that they may apply to a totally different base set of values. I thought I’d just check this out.

Here is a short table to illustrate what I understand should happen from Dorico’s critreria and what is actually happening in my trialling here.