Articulations and other elements in Logical Editor

Re-asking. To be able to select all notes that have a particular articulation flag set is just glaringly obvious. One could then write a macro that would create delay offsets for different instruments that one uses, and align playback for various articulations in a couple of clicks.

We should also have more sophisticated conditional selection/actions - like the ability to select events based upon their relationship with other events. i.e. if a note-off is anticipated by a note-on (a legato) then the amount of offset would be different than the previous note. But to be even more nuanced, if a note-off is anticipated by a note on, then if the velocity of the note-on is below 20, the offset will be the length of the portamento transition. Of course those offsets would have to be established, but there are already crowd-sourced efforts in those areas.

Though I suspect some of this will exist when MIDI 2.0 is supported, I don’t understand why it’s not available now.

I agree.

I wonder if this might possible though – but I’m not sure I understand.

Does that sentence mean you want to

  • test for the a given note end and an overlapping note-on? (Cubase doesn’t actually use literal note offs.),
  • and then check if the note-on velocity is lower than 20?
  • and finally adjust the position of the latter note?

If not addressing note-offs, then it would have to be able to detect if there were overlaps some other way, but otherwise mostly - for a selected note, is there already a note playing? Then does the selected note have a velocity lower than 20? If so then adjust the position of the selected note by whatever amount.

A quick attempt, still rough, but worth investigating.

Chain two LE presets:

select upper note of overlaps.xml (7.8 KB)
2 - test for velocity.xml (8.6 KB)

That’s all fine. Now select notes based on their articulation.

Yes indeed. That’s what the (your) request is about.

In the score editor there’re a few ways to do similar things, but nothing like a uniform keystroke or command/

It seems like it’s because they separate articulations from other MIDI data, which I guess would be fine if you could still select based upon them. I really hope we don’t have to wait until MIDI 2.0 and its embedded articulation data per note, or for them to add delays to an expression map’s parameters. That would also work, but not for everything - you don’t want a legato articulation to have the same delay for the first note as for the following ones. And there isn’t a way to select the first note of a phrase only afaik.

Can you adjust the delay of those particular articulations in the VST instrument?

There are Kontakt scripts available that do this; but they require that you offset playback of the track by a certain amount and then apply delays when receiving a keyswitch or the like. That’s cool and everything, but this should be handled by the daw for greater flexibility - and so there aren’t delays in things when you play them.

And that only works for Kontakt.

I hear you.

I don’t know how well you know Cubase, nor how you like to work, but if you’re interested in ways to accomplish what you’re after let me know. One of the great things about Cubase is that there are usually several ways of accomplishing things.

For instance in the Key editor if you select adjacent Direction articulations,
then invoke
locators to selection
select in loop

Though it’s not automated by a logical editor, You get

To be able to select all notes that have a particular articulation flag set

It can also be done using the navigation commands, shift-right for add selection.

Do you use the Score Editor or the List editor?

Coming back around to this - it’s a clever thing you propose, but what should happen here is that I should be able to do this in the logical editor, rather than manually selecting anything. But to be clear - workarounds are always helpful!

And from force of habit I don’t use either of those editors much at all.

When you say “align playback”, what exactly do you mean? Actually moving MIDI notes?

Since we don’t have more clever offsets available with expression maps, and since there are no other rule-based offsets available, yes.