Articulations At End Of Tie ~ Engrave Options Not Working


When trying to set articulations to appear at the end of a tie instead of at the beginning in the ‘Engrave’ tab ‘Engraving options’, it doesn’t work in my score. When I make the change then click ‘Apply’, the cursor spins as if applying the change but my score stays the same.

Just wondering if I’m missing something somewhere or is this the same for others?


What articulations are you trying to apply? Applying a staccato at the end of a tie should work. Applying an accent at the end of a tie would be more unusual and might not be supported.

Hello Derrek,

Thanks for replying.

As a test, I just created a new document with a load of tied notes then tried all of the markings, including staccato, and not one of them positioned to the end note when I set the options in ‘Engrave’.

Same here. Articulations in tie chains seem to be positioned correctly according to the engraving rules in existing projects, but changing the options doesn’t work. I changed the settings and saved the project and found that none of the options were highlighted/selected in engraving options when I reopened it.
This did work at some point, didn’t it?

Those controls on the Articulations page of Engraving Options are unfortunately not correctly hooked up at the moment (due to a typo). I found and fixed the problem a couple of days ago, so it will be resolved in the next update. Until then, alas you will have to override the placement of articulations individually using Properties. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Hello Daniel,

This is one of the refreshing things here, your openess and honesty in aknowledging an issue however large or small. This is so much appreciated and, in my case, no inconvenience caused and no need for any apology.

Thank you Daniel and … looking forward to your next update. :wink: