Articulations in the score do not trigger keyswitches

Hi there,

I have created 2 expression maps for 2 libraries (Kontakt Factory, Emotional Violin), but the articulations in the score seem to be totally detached from the keyswitches (please take a look at the screenshot)…When I import the HALion expression maps and let HALion play the exact same part, everything works perfectly. But when it comes to a third-party VSTi, the expression maps do not work the way they should. However, if I add the MIDI notes (assigned to the keyswitches) to the score, the articulations start triggering the corresponding keyswitches. What am I doing wrong?

Have you checked if the key switches are in the wrong octave?

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Yes, I have double checked it. For example, in the screenshot you can see that the keyswitches in Cubase perfectly match the keyswitches in Kontakt. However, Kontakt plays all the notes sostenuto, with C0 keyswitch constantly on.
Sometimes a few of the written articulations trigger correct keyswitches, but it happens randomly.

I mean that C3, midi note 60, in Cubase is expressed as C4 by others. I don’t recall how NI names it.

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That’s what I was thinking from the beginning :wink:

But just now I think I understand what he is doing wrong.

From your screenshot all I can see is that the only keyswitch that is visible, is not defined in Kontakt : F#0

You are taking into account the wrong column in Expression Map setup.
The remote key is NOT what is sent to the VSTi, but what is sent from your instrument to Cubase.

The keyswitch that is sent to kontakt is what is defined in Output Mapping section.
In your example: for Pizz you must set Note-On = F0 in Output Mapping, and not F#0.
Your problem will be solved then.


Great observation skills Le Maestro De Gaul!

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Maestro, thanks a lot! I have made the corrections in the Output Mapping section, and my maps are working flawlessly! ( I used to think that the keys under ‘Remote’ are designed to switch the articulations of the VSTi. :rofl:)