Artificial harmonic glissandi


I’m running into a problem with the new artificial harmonics in Dorico 3. It no longer seems to be possible to do an artificial harmonic glissando. Specifically I do not get a second “gliss.” line for the harmonic, only for the regular note. This was possible with the old Dorico 2 style artificial harmonics (adding a diamond notehead a fourth above).

I suppose I can “fake” it by moving a second gliss. line between the same pair of notes in engrave mode, but that seems like work that the new feature was really intended to save. Is there any better way?


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The only workaround that I can think of is do it the old way only for those notes, which is still possible.

Yes, at least for now you should use the old method of notating the harmonics.

Hello, I just ran into the same problem and am wondering whether this has been fixed yet? Thank you!

No, but I think you could fake it with a line from the line editor which looks like the glissando one and reposition it in engrave mode.

If you use a horizontal line that’s notehead-attached at both ends that should reduce the amount of repositioning required.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, although often the slopes are still not 100% the same.

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