Artificial Harmonics shortcuts?

Is there any way to create artificial harmonics without going into the lower panel? For occasional use the panel is fine, but for artificial-harmonic-laden pieces it would be amazing to have keyboard shortcuts, for instance one to add/remove the harmonic and one to go through the partials…

No, at the moment there’s no way to do this other than via the Properties panel. This is certainly something we want to change.


yes please.
that and change the default harmonic from octave to 4th.

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If you have a StreamDeck, there is a function in there for creating harmonics.
Unfortunately, because of the way someone at Dorico programmed it, it defaults to the octave harmonic, which is of no use at all to anyone writing for orchestral strings.

So you can add harmonics very rapidly to a whole selection of music, but you still end up having to go into the bottom panel to change the partial.
However, that said, if you select ALL your harmonics, you can set them all in one fell swoop to the same partial. meaning you don’t have to do them all one-by-one.

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For those interested, I just recorded my action to make it so it’s now a mini Lua script. Pop this into the script folder with a text file that ends in .lua and you’ll be able to use this.

local app=DoApp.DoApp()
app:doCommand([[UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kNoteHarmonicType&Value=string: “kArtificial”]])
app:doCommand([[UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kNoteHarmonic&Value=int: 4]])

This will work if you’re in Dorico 5. If you’re in 4 or earlier, you’ll need to split the commands into 2 separate scripts (the app had issues running multiple commands before).

Scripts appear in the jump bar command list, which makes it pretty quick. If you have Keyboard Maestro (I highly recommend, only $36), you can also make key commands through it to run the scripts.

I was able to turn this into a single button with my StreamDeck

Ah, I saw that your post from 5 months ago didn’t include the touch 4, so you were still having to enter the Properties Panel to apply that.

Great if you didn’t need the script to pull that off, but if you do (or anyone else who finds this thread) the script will get you directly to the Touch 4 harmonic in a single function!

No, no, I actually used your script WITH my Stream Deck.
now I can just apply touch-4 harmonics with the touch (no pun intended) of a button.

SLICK glad it was helpful.

Scripting actually works now in D5, so there’s a lot of annoying processes that are now possible in a single click - which should really open doors for you with the stream deck!