Artificial Intelligence in Quantizing; PLEASE!

For a long time I have wanted Cubase to recognize my quantification desires. My most basic request would be for Cubase to recognize triplets instead of me having to remember where I played them and fix this after the fact!!!

Also better tempo recognition with me not having to tweak things; it is not possible to do this accurately in most cases currently!!!

Hmm, I just play triplets in a 4/4 bar and leave them as is - unquantized. And they always need to move a bit to right or left without snapping to bars/beats/qnt/zoom. And they always sound live in any style of music :slight_smile:

Maybe if SB will think about your request, simpliest way can be to add ontrack signature feature in piano roll for specified region. The main signature stays as is, but track’s signature can be changed, but in sync of main signature by tempo and/or bar division. Yeah, technically it can help someone and makes Cubase more flexible for any needs.

P.S. I just expand your idea because you told “for a long time” and Cubase doesn’t love you :smiley: (anyway we love Cubase!)