Artist 11 bought in July not upgraded to pro

I didn’t know he existed (elicenser) . Bought the artist 11 end elicenser on july 16 . Elicenser was delivered on august 4th . Help me please!!! No money for pro 11. Installed artist 11 automatically pro 11 did not install help me please!!!


The executable is the same for Artist and Pro. The license decides to start Artist or Pro.

I can install pro 11. I’m sorry but google translator is so good. Help me please, thanks for your attention

пн, 9 авг. 2021 г. в 18:04, Martin.Jirsak via Steinberg Forums <>:


Why you can’t install it?

The problem is possibly that the update was bought during the sale, but the activation was done after the sale ended.

I believe this topic discusses it at some point: Cubase Studio Weeks - Sale