Artist 6 to Full Question.

I’ve just upgraded from artist to the full version. I have received my activation code, but am still waiting on the product download to show up in my store account.

Does anyone know if I can activate the trial version with my upgrade code?


Since when can you download upgrades, or any version for that matter? :confused:

helpful reply…

Click on upgrade from artist 6 and I’d like to download the product.

The download option is greyed out here, which is why I ask. People have asked for D/L for a long time with no result. That and the fact I wanted to make sure you didn’t get ripped off.


Well I felt it came across as you were implying I was some pirate kid. My bad. Good looking out.

Maybe its a US thing for the download, or maybe I’m the virginal 1st shopper of the new system. The option to download has been on there shop for a minute, they prob plan to use it sometime, yea?

I’m in US and it’s greyed out. You’re in the US and can D/L, just to clarify?

To answer your question, if you have an activation code you can download the C6 license to your Dongle. There’s Additional Content missing in the Demo, but you might be able to get that at Steiny’s FTP site. I can’t recall if it’s the C5 or C6 content, you’ll have to check.


I was hoping someone from Steinberg could clarify about the trial and my activation code. Would be a waste to d/l, install only to have it not work and have to re-do when my download shows up.


Just got off the phone with support, guess I was waiting for a download that wasn’t coming. :laughing:

I put my license key on the dongle and Artist 6 unlocked and now runs as the full version. I guess everything was there with the Artist 6 install, just needed to unlock it. Odd.

Maybe this will help someone in the future, as the info on the website/receipt is not clear about the process.

After a while you might realise that the HSO offer is missing … “a 60-day fully functional trial version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set, providing a wealth of acoustic orchestral instruments at their best. The trial version can be upgraded online to a permanent license at a very special price”.

I ended up emailing a Steinberg contact I found at as Yamaha Australia told me it was a purchasing issue so I went to the asknet side of the operation where I ended up in an closed loop talking to myself.

Steinberg are apparently aware of this omission but I don’t know if they have fixed it. They ended up posting me the missing disk and an activation code for the trial so I was happy.

I question the ‘very special price’ as I reckon there is only one price … which appears in your local currency … I wonder what the Americans and Europeans are paying - Australian dollar around parity with USD and they asked AUD$115 …

Steinberg sell HSO vst set from where there’s also a download link. I already knew about this open page but when sent the link was asked to keep it ‘secret’ … It’s a 6 plus Gb download if you have the bandwidth and allowance for that sort of thing but you will still need the trial activation code.

Hope that helps.

I think the Steinberg marketing people outsmarted themselves on this one.