Artist Control Worksurface Issues with 7.03

I have experienced issues with my artist control since installing and using Cubase 7 (01 to 03).

The main issue is that the transport buttons for rew, ff, stop, play and record don’t work and can’t be reprogrammed using Eucontrol - basically they’re dead with no led lights showing. The jog wheel on the other hand does work. I’ve checked this with Cubase 6.5 and the buttons work just fine with 6.5.

The other issue is that the worksurface intermittently ceases to communicate with cubase 7 even though all the tracks etc appear in the touch screen of the artist control.

I have installed the latest updates from avid for EuControl and have my firmware updated.

Can I please have this registered as a bug and get the problem fixed.

Sean Gollogly

Windows 7, Cubase 7, Arist Control