Artist MC Control Question: Markers

I was told on the Avid page that I could write locate points into the soft keys via KC to shuttle around to various points in my project. They neglected to tell me how. Highlighting the Markers in the transport, shows a key command that reads JUMP TO MARKER 10 (USE <ALT + CLICK> TO SET). I’m on a PC. What’s the “CLICK” button? I can’t figure out the formula for the key command to program into the soft key which will make the locate point activate.

Can anybody help me with this?

I’ve tried writing:
Jump to Marker 10 <Alt+Click>
<Alt+Click>Jump to Marker 10
Jump to Marker 10_51.1.1.0

The only thing I’ve managed to do is have the marker command take the song back to bar 1:00. The first 3 commands seem to bale to do that. The other 2 didn’t do anything! But none of them will take me to bar 51.00 (Marker No. 10). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Never mind, I figured it out!