Artist MC with N6: 1st Impression

Well, after a very rough start getting my MC set up, I’ve finally gotten a little time to try some things out. Granted, I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. But the manual is not all that helpful. I’m getting far more pratical information from the little video tutorials. So, I’m not particularly impressed with the manual.

One of the primary reasons I’ve wanted a “deeper controller,” ever since I saw a demo of the WK “id” in action, was this one or 2 clicks access to plugs for inserts. So that was the very first thing I wanted to learn how to do on this unit. The Euphonix promo tutorial showed the user:

  1. Pressing on the inserts soft knob
  2. pressing the left & right page knobs to go into config mode.
  3. Select the insert slot you wanted
  4. Press the menu button for the plug
  5. Use the page button to scroll through the menu to find the plug you wanted
  6. Select that plug
  7. Press that the selected plugin button a second time to open up the parameters of the plug on the knobs while the plug opens up on the screen. Then make our adjustments.

The way I had been doing it without a controller:

  1. Go right to the insert slot I wanted and open it up.
  2. Scroll down to the plug in and hit select
  3. Open the plug to adjust. DONE!

How on earth is the controller methodolgy faster?!!? Are there some macros I need to set in order to shorten this process? This doesn’t seem very efficient to me. What am I missing here?

The touch screen is not very sensitive. I hit Track 1 and Track 3 lights up. I hit Track 5 and it only advances to Track 4.
They all seem to be off by 2 on the scree. If I physically pick the track and then select it from the fader, then the select buttons will pick the track you want via the select buttons.

Those touch screen buttons that do work where you’d expect them to (show/hide tracks) take several hits to get them to actually engage. Anyone else experiencing issues with this? Did you come up with any work-arounds?

Also, is there a way to make it bank in larger blocks, say 8’s or 16’s?

You’re talking about an MC Control, not an MC Mix, right?

All I can tell you is that everything is quick and accurate on mine. I’m fully dependent on it these days. Have taken years to really integrate it into my workflow, but it just gets more and more a part of it.

Again, for what it’s worth, do you have a v1 or v2? I actually went through two v1s, one within and one just outside of warranty-- both developed bad screens and the control wheel really sucked. They finally sent me a v2, and it’s been one of the best relationships I’ve ever had. With technology.

It is possible to assign tracks in larger groups than 4, using Layout Assignments. It’s all in the manual. Not the “Quick Start”, but the “User Guide”. Since you mentioned in the other thread that you were not really working through it… that’s how I started, and it made a big difference when I finally caved in and RTFM.

But going back to the “out of alignment” issue you’re having-- that should NOT be happening. And I don’t think you should have had to mess with the EuCon panel-- but I’m not using mine on a PC, so my experience stops there.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am using a CONTROL, not the mix. I am reading the manual but the video tutorials I’m finding always seem to be MUCH CLEARER than the written instructions.

As for the algnment issue, it seems I just have to be a little firmer in my taps. Turns out that touch is a little understated for what’s required. I’m sure 95% of this is just growing pains. Thanks for the tip about WHERE to set up the larger range movements. Much appreciated! :wink:


About mis-aligment, there is a “calibration mode” available.
I just checked that once - but because my gear is fine, nothing to adjust.

No big deal
Just press and hold Bank L, Bank R and Nudge R while power on the unit.

All the rest is to follow the advises on the screen :wink:

It’s from a knowledge article on the avid artist-us homepage.

BTW: I used once the CC121 for some time - changed to the Euphonics - will never change anymore :laughing:


Another oddity, ever since the installation of the MC: Now,whenever I shut down N6, I get a Win7 message saying that Nuendo has stopped working. This used to only happen if Nuendo crashed or got hung up. Anybody have any ideas what that’s about?

Yeah, it’s the Eucon driver.
Although annoying, just ignore it.


I would add that after using a modern, phone, tablet etc I found the touch screen horrible on my MC Mix v2. So much so that I sold it after a couple of months at quite a loss!!

I bought another MC mix and an ipad with arts unmuted/lemur template and Cubase ic pro.

So much better ‘touch’ experience and I have it mounted on a mic stand so it can act as a remote as well.