Artist Mix and C 7.5 - Solo Channel

Hi, I’m having a annoying behaviour in C 7(7.5) with my Artis Mix

Every time I select a SOLO channel in the Artist Mix it’s exclusive. So, if I can only solo one channel at time.
However in the mix console (screen) I can solo multiple channels at the same time just clicking the solo buttons.

In Eucon if you change Solo In Place to AFL, the Cubase activate/desactivate Listen Mode in the channel when you push solo button in Artist Mix. But again, you can turn on listen mode in ONE channel.

Is this a bug? I can’t see the purpose to have exclusive solo active in Artist Mix by default.

Thanks. :confused:


If you solo one channel, just press ‘ON’ on the other channel(s) you want to activate too.

Greets, Tomess

It works! Thanks!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi, in Addition to that you can select the “solo mode” in the eucon application any time - you can select among “solo” and “cubase listen” (it is not called like that but I find it very convenient to control the “Listen” Button via Eucon sometimes) .

Cheers, Ernst

Nice feature. Thanks!