Artist Series Setup Question: MONITORS

Anybody here have their monitors working properly from the CR Controls on the Artist Series MC Control?

I have 3 sets of monitors: A: 5.1 Surround B: Stereo C: 2.1 connected to Nuendo 7/8 CR Outputs.

All 3 sets are powered and can be activated directly from the Nuendo Control Room. After, literally, months of back & forth and trial & error and a ton of crap regarding whether or not I need Studio Express to make things work, I finally got the CR Volume knob to work on my Artist Series MC Control. But I still don’t have TANGIBLE control from the controller.

When I go to the setup page for the monitors, its all blank. HOW DO I GET THE MONITORS TO SHOW UP ON THAT PAGE?!!? There’s no page for Tracks, Surround or Setup in the Eucontrol panel. So how am I supposed to setup the control room?

The manual only tells me what’s supposed to happen, or can happen when the monitors are connected. Mine are connected and working fine. But there’s no indication of it on the monitor page in the setup window. Is this another Studio Express issue? :question: :question: :question: :question:

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

I actually got a reply from the Avid Page! HOW do you get the monitors to show up on the setup page? - Avid Pro Audio Community
You can access the monitors through the soft keys!

I found the SOFT KEYS PAGE (CONTROL ROOM). I didn’t have to use the shift button (as mentioned on the Avid page) to change between the speakers. I just selected from the 3 labeled buttons on the MC (CR: Surround, CR: Stereo & CR: Mono) and watched the Nuendo CR to see what happened. The order was mislabeled for the order of my monitors. But that was an easy fix. The CR Knob automatically switched to become a master volume for which ever was selected.

IE: I have A: SR, B: Stereo & C: 2.1 on Nuendo but the MC has CR: Surround, CR: Stereo & CR: Mono. If I select CR: Surround on the MC, the surround monitors will play and the Nuendo CR displays 5.1 leds. If I select CR: Stereo on the MC, the Nuendo leds will switch to stereo and only the L/R speakers of my surround system will play. But the Nuendo CR will still show A: SR as selected, NOT B: Stereo! If I manually switch to B: Stereo on the Nuendo CR, the source is cut off! This is because I have a separate pair of stereo monitors assigned to B: Stereo and they were off.

At present, I cannot run all 3 sets of monitors at the same time because the SR monitors are really inefficient, the ST monitors are very efficient and the cubes are ridiculous (LOL< they take about a watt to get them screaming). So, now I’ve got to figure out a routing matrix that will feed the signals to the outputs of my desk to make them even. Or, I’ll have to get some kind of outboard monitor controller.

In any case at least, I’ve figured out how to get control of the monitors from the MC, which was critical, as the new studio configuration has my desk (acting as my AD/DA audio interface) several feet away from me now. So, this was a really big deal.

I don’t suppose there’s anyway to map those controls to my faders, huh? I would love to make a CR Layout on my MC (Fdr. 1: Surround, Fdr. 2: Stereo, Fdr. 3: 2.1 Cubes & Fdr. 4: Attention Fader)! THAT would be ideal!

I guess the remaining question now is, WHY isn’t there any info of any kind on the actual monitor control setup page? :question:

I went into Eucontrol to review the commands. The CR commands were for Eucon Presets. So, I switched them to Select Monitor 1, 2 & 3 respectively.

Now the soft key selection reflects the same as the Nuendo CR (when I select 1 on the MC, A lights up on in Nuendo. When I select 2 on the MC, B lights up in Nuendo, etc.) This is all good.

BTW, is there any way to map the CR Controls to the 1st 3 faders?