artork embedded in DDP

Somebody told me that they can embed the artwork into a DDP image.
To my knowledge, DDP doesn’t support artwork and computers can’t read info on a CD, they retrieve info from the internet.
But maybe something has changed recently that I am not aware of.
I googled it but I can’t find anything about it.
Does anybody have any idea?

It’s never been part of DDP and probably never will. You can put the artwork in the ID3v2 tags in WAV and MP3 files though. They were probably talking about WAV files.

Unless they were talking about Enhanced CD. You could check out Sonoris for that.

Hi Bob99, thanks for your reply.
The guy was talking about DDP, saying that in this way he could make the artwork appear as the CD icon when you put the disk into a computer.
I don’t think that’s the case with enhanced CDs.
By the way, can’t Wavelab make hybrid CDs (audio + data) as well?

I think the enhanced portion can appear as icon artwork when put in a computer. But Enhanced CD has been around forever, and Sonoris has mentioned enhanced DDP for a long time, so enhanced is probably not what they’re talking about. But you could demo Sonoris and see what it does. AFAIK Wavelab can’t make an “enhanced DDP” all in one DDP fileset without another data portion, if that is what Sonoris can do. (but like I said I don’t really know what the Sonoris can do.)

And you can demo Wavelab 9 and there’s probably something in the manual about disc formats. I think Wavelab can make hybrid on an open session Audio CD, but all in one DDP fileset ?, pretty sure not.