Arturia Keylab 49Mk11 removing tracks from Cubase Project after latest updates

I have a cubase 12.0.20 project open. I create a new instrument track (Analog Lab V for example) I record enable the track so i can hear my input. I play several notes on the keyboard in DAW or Analog Lab mode and after pressing several notes together, the track is removed from the project. In the Cubase history the track is removed, the program has not crashed.
If I do not press any notes on the keyboard and simply leave the track open and record enabled, it remains. if I start playing notes after around 20-30 seconds the track is removed.
In User mode if I press a note twice in quick succession the grid in cubase changes from bars to seconds.
I’ve not updated or changed any of the settings on the Keylab but have noticed this happening since around 4 days ago, strangely this was before I updated to 12.0.02 but sometime after I updated to 12.0.10.
Is there a way to do a factory reset on the keyboard perhaps so i can start again? Or have you had anyone else with similar problems?

Do you have any MIDI Remote active?

I’ve not engaged it anywhere, how do i turn it off?