Arturia Keylab 61 Mk II

Hello: New to Cubase and need to create a MIDI Remote script for my Arturia Keblab 61 Mk II. Internet videos are for old versions that dont seem to work the same. Anyone here willing to communicate with me on building this script would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hello William and welcome to the Forum,

So you are new to Cubase and you need to create a MIDI Remote script …
Sounds a bit ambitious and I think it would be easier to narrow down your question to ‘small, digestible chunks’.
Where are you right now with the project?
What is your knowledge level?
And just for anyone who’d step in on this post:
Any info about the computer, system, Audio interface etc …

Btw, I had a look at the Arturia Keylab 61, and it looks great, and has indeed a lot of potential controllers that can be mapped to various Cubase functions .

Let’s DO IT … !


Very soon (next week most probably) I’m going to share in this forum my own script for the Keylab MK2. I think it has the potential to be helpful in the context of Arturia’s own handlings and Cubase’s new way of exposing objects.


Outstanding! Can’t wait to try it out. I’ve tried several times to build one, but no success. Just too complicated.

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I am also unpatiently awaiting your script, as I know it will be super educational even though I don’t use that specific controller!

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Trying my best to “clean” up a little bit, and make the script more readable :slight_smile:


The countdown beings thanks in advance


Hi guys, my script is available here:


I couldn’t do the procedure…
would you be able to send a video?

Hi there, I don’t have a video, but I guess I can make one! I’ll link here when done.
However, at which stage of installation did you stop? The one after downloading the file, or later?

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a new version of the script using by default its less demanding (concerning MIDI ports) stripped-down option. In order to make it work, you won’t need any js-file editing, just choose the MIDIIN2 and MIDIOUT2 ports of your Keylab upon the script’s activation inside Cubase.

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Hello can you link the script here please. I just got the MKII and am having trouble with the midi functions. Thank you for any assistance.

Hi, sure: Arturia Keylab MK2 Custom Midi Remote Script ( MKII )