Arturia Keylab 88 Problem


I have a brand new Arturia Keylab 88 Mk 2. I bought it because of all in one functions (good keys, pads, faders and knobs). But I discovered a lot of problems when I connected it in Cubase 11.

I have a Faderport 16 also for mixing. It is connected with Mackie Control in Cubase and faders and transport buttons (play, stop, forward and so on) are working good.

I need the Arturia’s faders and knobs just as a VST instruments CC controllers. I use a Spitfire instruments and always need CC 1, CC 11, CC 21 and more…

I connected my Arturia in Cubase same way as a Faderport 16 (Mackie Control) and use a DAW mode. When I push a Arturia transport buttons (play, stop, forward) and move faders up and down, Faderport 16 faders are mowing same time and buttons are on.

I tried to setup Arturia in Cubase in Generic Mode, then Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls mode, but no results.

In Arturia MIDI Control center I have changed faders and knobs address (CC function) but in Cubase it works just in User Mode without transport buttons, track controls and global controls.

My question is:

How can I activate Arturia faders and knobs as a CC controllers, and transport buttons (play, stop, forward and so on) in DAW mode (no user mode), and same time use a faderport 16 faders as a mixer? I don’t need Faderport transport buttons. I need just Arturia transport buttons.

Or should I replace My Arturia to another midi controller (for example Komplete Kontrol S88) and get fader as a CC controller (for example Icon Platform X Plus)? In this case I’m not sure that I will avoid the problem with Faderport in Cubase Mackie Control or Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls mode.

Has anyone same problem?

Thank you

This doesn’t change something on the configuration issues you have…

Don’t configure the Keyboard as MCU… that doubles the MCU controls on both devices

Ok. Thanks

And what would be the right connection?
Generic Remote Control and assign all over again?

I ask why I also have a DAW Controller, Bheringer X-touch and I would like to get an 88 keys “all in one” Master keyboard like Arturia or Nektar

as master keyboard… ?

If you need some special features, yes

All this depends on what you are trying to achieve