Arturia Keylab Essential Mk3 in Cubase 12 Mac

Has anyone had any luck setting one of these up in Cubase 12? It’s not quite as easy as Arturia would have you think, and their support have gone a bit quiet. I’ve loaded their profile, and some of the knobs work, sometimes, but never more than 60% of them

Have you downloaded and installed the midi remote script for Cubase 12 ?

I use a PC and it’s working fine with all the knobs.
I’ve just noticed a freeze of the Keylab Essential 49 MK3 sometimes when using the “User” mode.

Hiya, thanks for that. I have done so already and had Arturia troubleshoot the issue too, with their support tech, but still no joy.

The knobs that don’t work in daw mode, are working in analog lab? Or in user mode?

The big controller knob will not click and open up instruments etc, the solo/arm etc buttons don’t respond in any mode, and the secondary functions of the pads don’t respond.