Arturia Keylab MK2 not supported on Cubase 12 Pro

Hi, after a lot of search and running across support, I see that Cubase has removed Arturia Keylab MK2 from the list of midi devices and has only Arturia Keylab essentials listed.

When contacted Arturia for support, they informed that Steinberg have done this without informing Arturia for Cubase 12 and they have no control over it.

Would there be any possibility for Steinberg to correct this and add a MK2 to the available midi devices list for mapping?

You have to make it yourself by going to Studio–>Midi Remote Manager and click the “Add Model” option at the bottom:


Then just type in Keylab MK2, and set it as the MIDI input (and probably the MIDI output too). Then create the device and use the panel on the left-hand side to add your encoders, sliders, and pads.

If you have any questions on how to configure it, you can ask here and somebody (possibly myself) will help you with configuring the correct options if you get stuck.


Cubase 12​:level_slider:MIDI REMOTE​:level_slider:ULTIMATE GUIDE from START to FINISH! Supercharge your Existing Controllers!:level_slider: - YouTube

take a look at THE Dom Sigalas and get inspired on how to set your controller for your needs.

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Hi, what you’re seeing is the devices in the new MIDI Remote Manager.
The Keylab MK2 MIDI Remote surface was never implemented, thus never removed.

As with previous versions of Cubase, you can set it up as a Mackie Controller, following Arturia’s guide here:

If however you wish to use it with the new MIDI Remote, you can either build your own, following the previous posters instructions, or download mine from here:

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Sounds great l. I am using the 61key setup up. Guess the midi mapping you have shared should work the 61 keys.

Yes, I have both the 49 and 61, and it also works with the 88 version, no worries :slight_smile:


Nice of you, M.C, to share your script with him. I don’t own the device and was unable to do so myself. Cheers.

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I’m using m.c.'s script with a Keylab 61 MKII, Windows 11, and have set it up in the advanced mode along with loopMIDI. I’ve been using it with both Cubase 12 and 13.

It’s an amazing script. I’m blown away at how much it allows one to do without touching the computer keyboard/mouse :slight_smile: Always learning new tricks.