Arturia Mini Lab 3 Midi Remote Script

Hi everyone,

I have just installed the Midi Remote script made by Arturia for the mini lab 3 and it’s almost great.
I have one thing I would like to change, the knobs and faders are configured as jump value mode and it’s annoying.
I don’t know how to program scripts but may be the script could be edited to change that behavior?
Could you point me in the right direction so I can modify the script to change only that part?

Thanks in advance


First of all, you have to copy the script (and its company name parent) to your Local folder. I.e.: Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/Driver Scripts/Local/arturia/minilab_mk3/ Modify this Local script version.

Open the script in the text editor. If you are talking about the push/encoders (1 & 5) search for:


If you are talking about the other encoders (2-4 & 6-8), search for:


Bellow these lines, you should see something like:


This is your spot. Can you see any


at the end of the line?

I don’t know, what values does mini lab 3 send. But for mk2, there is the


in the script. You can also delete the setType method to get the default one.

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Hi, I guess you’re talking about the new script published by Arturia. I’ve just checked it, here’s how you should do it:

Open the Minilab_3_Process.js file and go to line 513:

At the end of each line 513-516, add this:


For example in the case of the volume binding you should now have:

When it comes to knobs there are two lines to alter as far as I can see (perhaps I’m missing something):



Thank You so much Martin, I’ll take a look at the script file and try your suggestions.
I’ll post later to see if I can solve this issue.

Thank You so much mchantzi, that’s the script I 'am referring to (The one published by Arturia).
I will try to fix those lines you are mentioning and see if that solves the issue.
I’ll post the results later.

Wow Wow Wow!!!
That’s it, that solved the problem!!

And I corrected the stop button (Pad) too, to make it toggle.

Thanks again!!

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Glad that it worked out for you.

I know nothing unfortunately about the MiniLab mk3, but, does it have motorised faders?
If not, I think you might probably want to consider opening up a ticket to Arturia letting them know about this small change they should do in order to get faders in pickUp mode, since the “default” one (Jump) ideally should be chosen only when motorised faders are there for us :slight_smile: I guess this would be of help to other user as well.

Thank you! Never edited java script, but with your guidance and the free Visual Studio Code download from Microsoft, I also had success. For the encoders, it is line 681. Changing line 718 gave an error. The only other thing I changed was Pickup to Scaled as I like this smooth takeover better. Still wish Arturia would allow this to be selectable like Novation’s Launchkey script.


Could you post the line you wrote it and the route message you got, please?

I used the following for lines 513-516 and 681. Everything works great, encoders and faders!
The only that did not work and I guess is not needed was adding the above to line 718, where the following errors showed.
Declaration of statement expected. ts(1128) [Ln718, Col71]
Cannot find name ‘.setValueTakeOverModeScaled’. ts(2304) [Ln718, Col72]

Any idea on how to change the pad 8 function from beat calculator to metronome click?
I tried without success.


You don’t have to write it in the script. You can do this easily in the Mapping Assistant in Cubase.

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But it’s locked, you can’t edit the script in the mapping assistant for some reason, at least not in my Mac.

Line 496, you can try changing it to


However, sure that @Martin.Jirsak 's advice is not working?

I don’t see anything relevant in column 72, unless if you accidentally erased things there. Perhaps you can upload a screenshot of your change in this line, so we can have a better look.

That in fact worked.
Not sure why it wasn’t but after closing and restarting cubase it worked!!

Thanks Martin

Okay, so I went through the same process Sonico did.
The issue with 72 was that you had to delete the “;” sign at the end of the line in 718.
“;.” gave an error, so you have to fix it - it does not fix itself by restarting the script or the DAW.

Folks, any clue why Minilab works with NI’s Kontakt 7 in DAW mode, and knobs control NI’s inside parameters, but does not work with other VST’s in the same DAW mode?
I have to put it in Arturia (“VST”) mode to assign and control parameters of the plugin.
It’s really annoying in terms of workflow to go between DAW/Arturia modes JUST to be able to have the control of the desired plugin.

Any ideas why everything don’t want to work in DAW mode?

Hey, just wanna say thanks to all the help here. I’ve hacked my Minilab mk3 script to have ‘scaled’ knob and slider values for now as I think it’s a little better than takeover.

We still await Arturia to properly implement ‘relative’ encoder functionality in the DAW firmware and script so that this thing actually works as it should, but until then, thank you all :slight_smile:

is there a way to unlock the Mapping Assistant ?