arturia mini V and remote control editor


i have designed controls for Alchemy with my mpk_mini Akai midi controller without issue,
when I turn knob 1 -> control in Alchemy moves and control in the 8 instant controls of the remote controller moves too.

So I try to do the same with Mini_V Arturia synthplug but only the internal controls of the mini_V run, I can’t learning control with the remote control editor like Alchemy.
knob 1, assigned to volume in Mini_V moves volume in Mini_V but not in the first of the 8 assigned controls of the remote in cubase. I can learn to remote control editor a control of the Mini_V but my hardware has no action to the remote , only to Mini_V … ?!! why ??

Thanks for help,

ok I know …
I had to assigned midi input mpk_mini to instant controller VST in devices controls …

now it works fine !!!