Arturia Spark with beat designer help


Is there an easy way to get Spark going with the beatdesigner?

I currently am trying to get all the mappings right and some sounds are responding using the beatdesigner but i cant get the Bass drum to play a sound? Snare drum is working because i see Spark responding, when hitting the bass drum i see there is midi input coming in but i hear nothing, when hitting the pad on the vst instrument(no controller) i hear the sound just fine. I wonder if i’m missing something, forgot a crucial step, though i cant find out what that is.

Anyone got some experience with using Spark with the beatdesigner ? are there some do’s and dont’s i dont know about?




It has to work. Beat designer is just “stupid” sequencer in Cubase. You have to just set the exact notes, you want to send from it. Click on the “Bass Drum ©” in the Beat designer, and set the note, which should be sent from this line. You have to find the same MIDI note, which is Spark using for the Bass Drum. If you don’t know, which one is it, try to use MIDI Monitor.

Hi there,

the Beat Designer uses the Standard GM Drummap, but you also choose other notes for the entire used track in the Beat Designer. Just click on for example “Bass Drum (C1)” and you will see a menu in which you can choose the triggered note.