Arturia V Collection 9 Promotion

Hi Team,
Really awful customer experience with the Steinberg-sold Arturia 9 Collection. I paid my money, and followed all the instructions, however Arturia’s product registration engine “had never heard of me”.
I have contacted them, and they will potentially sort it out, but I should never have had to. If you’re going to run a third party software poromotion, sort out your relationship with the vendor first.
Minus 5 stars.

You know that this is a user forum?
There is no one who can help you sorting this out, you need to talk to the support and first of all Arturia.

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I’m posting it to warn other users.

And did you follow the advice on the Steinberg website?

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Yes, but you’re missing the point.

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If I recall correctly, when I used the voucher for a free license for the Arturia CS-80 V4, I had to create an account there in order to take advantage of the promo.

It went quite smoothly when I did it.

If the Arturia website doesn’t recognize the user, it would be because they have not created an account with them, or some username/password problem. Once I read in instructions that I needed to create an account there, I did not expect that the Steinberg shop would be integrated with their system to the extent that my credentials would be forwarded to them.


I understand you

Not in my case. As I said, I followed the instructions. I already was an Arturia account holder, with 3 activated products.
I contacted Arturia support, as I said, they contacted Steinberg, Steinberg sent me a new Serial number and unlock code, because the one they originally sent was incorrect.
As I said, this is a relationship issue between Steinberg as a vendor and Arturia as a supplier. Shifting blame onto the customer isn’t appropriate.
Contact experts in the following fields to understand where you’re falling short:

  1. Customer Experience Engagement
  2. Social Media Monitoring and Moderation.
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Sounds like you got it sorted, so that’s great. Enjoy.

I don’t work for Steinberg. My shortcomings are in completely different areas! :grimacing:

Good. Mine too!!

I was issued an invalid serial number and unlock code for Pigments by Steinberg. I’m still stuck between Steinberg and Arturia.

Sorry to hear that Barry. Best of luck, it seems to be a lottery.

Thanks. I bought the V Collection at the same time, with no problem! I’m sure it will get sorted out eventually.