Arturia V Collection Issues

Is anyone else having similar problems with Arturia plugins? When I open settings panels inside the VST’s, the interface totally self-destructs and I have to close and re-open the plugin window. Sometimes that doesn’t even help and I am completely unable to use these instruments at all. Already sent a mail to Arturia support but they seem clueless as well.

I am on El Capitan.

Cubase 10 needs OSX Sierra as a minimum system wise. C10 might not work properly if you are below 10.12 .

I see that the requirements are in fact Sierra. But then why does the installer not complain the OS is not supported? Partly Steinbergs fault, is it :wink: Now it is installed and there is no way for me to upgrade to Sierra right now.

I just installed C10 on my 4 year old Macbook with High Sierra and updated all the Arturia plugins just in case.

Same Problem.

Here is what it looks like:

Then this sounds like a bug report for Steinberg and Arturia. I would provide them both with the screenshot, system informations and steps to reproduce.

I am already in touch with Arturia and sent them videos of the issue. Their software support is a lot more responsive than Steinbergs :wink: I am sure they will sort this out

I’m experiencing the same issue. Closing and re-opening the vst fixes the graphical issue.
I will also contact Arturia and Steinberg.

Agreed, Arturia is really good at getting bugs fixed.


If it helps any: V4, V5 and V6 working perfectly with win7x64 + CB9 or CB10


No, it doesn’t help, but it does make me jealous, j/k :slight_smile:

This might be a Mac thing only from what I’m seeing.

Thanks for the info!

lol… :smiley:

Im sure it will be fine:)


Cubase 10.0.10 was released with a motherload of bugfixes. It also fixed the issues I had with Arturia plugins!


are you still running C10.10 on El Capitan? any other issues?
I am on a MacPro 2008 8 core but it won’t go any higher than El Capitan, so I was wondering if I can use the update to 10 from 8,
or use that High Sierra Patcher as a go around and trick my cheesegrater into running High Sierra if that’s the only way to install and use C10(.10)
I’d rather not go the Patcher route, if it works alright in El Capitan. Also, the specs say High Sierra as mimimum. How did you get it installed on an El Capitan boot drive in your Mac? Sorry for the off topic diversion. Can start a new post if that’s better to do.

I’m still having issues with Arturia V Collection (on Windows 10) on Cubase 10 Pro - reopen a plugin to edit it and it often opens up a blank dialog and freezes. Have reported this to Steinberg as other plugins also suffering - and this is whether the HiDPI setting is on or off.

Ok, I’m just going to take a deep breath and install the Demo version on my El Capitan via full install and 1 month trial period. Hoping nothing gets messed with Cubase 8 also on the same drive (I’ve had different versions on the same boot drive before with no big deal issues, somehow Cubase knows how to handle the various versions, but with each new version, you never know what can be possibly lying in waiting to pounce on your, haha).

Well, the installer didn’t stop me from installing it like Apple Installers do when the req OS is not what is the recommended req OS, so that was interesting. And the activation went very smooth. The 2osomthing gigabyte download took a while but this morning I woke up and it was ready for install and activation. Good to know when you haven’t done this in several years. If all works well, I’ll be sending Steinberg $200 for the update and make it official from demo to regular pro version.

  • I only put all that there in case there is someone like me that is only 1/2 techy and always a tad overcautious about grey areas of installs like what I’m doing with El Capitan and C10.10. If I have issues, I’ll drop a note so those still holding off can justify their actions or if it’s only tiny stuff, then jump in and get all the newest bells and whistles going.
    Guess I’ll be watching YouTube tutorials for a while.
    Ciao for Now!