Artwork complication within metadata

Hi! Just completing first CD album mastering project in Wavelab 10 (steep learning curve but what a great software tool!). Can someone advise if it’s possible to import my artwork using the CD metadata functionality - I have a 10 page booklet for the printed version and would like to replicate in the digital download file (mp3 or other if it’s possible). Thanks! Stuart

Hi again, in the same question as I raised, I now have completed getting metadata embedded fully within the iD3 set up. However after trying a lot of things I can’t seem to get the same metadata applied to the WAV file when rendering. Is some kind technical person out there that has the time to offer some assistance? Thank you. Stuart.

Embedding metadata in WAV and mp3 is done the same in WaveLab when rendering from the montage.

The problem is that very few apps/software can display metadata and artwork in WAV files.

There are a number of free/cheap metadata tagging apps you can use to double check your work until you are confident.

I would check your WAV files in an app known to display metadata in WAV files and you may be surprised that it’s there, but iTunes, MacOS, and probably Windows OS can’t display it. I don’t know Windows very well.

With the wav artwork data … be aware that your aggregator may not accept the file (if it’s that wav file you are intending to upload) … eg The Orchard. It’s probably worth checking or simply use another ‘unloaded’ wav

I’m certainly not an expert in this, but as I understand it tagging support built in to the .wav standard is extremely limited and it is almost certainly impossible to embed image files in any useable way.

Try flac for much richer options!

WaveLab can embed 1 or more pictures in the ID3v2 metadata.
And this one can be embedded in a WAV file.
Now, if some applications can show 1 picture, fewer can show more than 1 picture.

My preference for free checking and updating of tags under Windows is Mp3tag.