artwork embedded in DDP WL9

Hi guys,
I am still working in WL7. A guy told me he can embed the artwork into a DDP image.
Don’t know what software the guy is using. I don’t think it is possible but maybe I am not up to date.
Can WL9 do something like that?
Thanks for your help.

I don’t think you’re getting good or accurate information. The only way I know to add more to the DDP than the audio and CD-Text is to make an enhanced CD. Remember when people would put a music video or extra stuff on the audio CD? It’s not really common any more. I honesty don’t know if WaveLab can do that. Maybe with a CD burn but I don’t think it can with DDP. Sonoris DDP Creator Pro can to some degree.

Anyway, if you want the artwork to appear in media players, that happens from databases. More info here:

Maybe check with the guy about the software he uses. Maybe I am wrong.

And FWIW, WaveLab can add artwork to mp3 and WAV files, but very few apps can read the art in WAV files right now.

As for the DDP, I think the only way is to make it an enhanced CD which is really not very useful today.

Thanks Justin P for your reply.

Online database is what I have always done. And I agree, enhanced CDs are not really useful.
Technically, I don’t think it will be ever possible to embed artwork into a DDP or CD to be read by a computer.
But I just wanted to ask to the WL9 forum because sometimes you are 100% sure of something and that something has completely changed in the past few months.
I’ll investigate more about the software this guy uses.
Thanks you very much for your help.