ARX4 Functionality Woes

My AXR4 arrived two days ago, not been able to do anything with it yet!

I cannot get my Windows 10 DAW or my MAC laptop to see AXR4. Investigations are ongoing but I’m almost at the end of my tether.

Given the stress of no connectivity, I have tried to connect the standalone ARX4 to my Appollo via ADAT just so I can try and record through the AXR4 via the Apollo into Cubase/Nuendo. Trying to ‘Route’ the MIC input signal just using the front screen is not easy as the manual assumes you have computer connectivity.

If I try and record Mic1 and send it out of ARX4 ADAT (A) 1 OUT to my Apollo ADAT1 IN, it also appears on my Apollo ADAT2 IN and on the ARX4 front screen (no channel linking on either unit)

If I try and record Mic2 and send it out of ARX4 ADAT (A) 2 OUT to my Apollo ADAT2 IN, it also appears on my Apollo ADAT1 IN nd on the ARX4 front screen (no channel linking on either unit)

it would appear as if there is some panning/linking functionality missing from the ARX4 unit?

Could someone please tell me if this can be done. 4 Mics on the AXR4 sent to ADAT(A) Out 1, 2, 3 & 4 separately?


If it’s anything like the old MR and UR units then you’ll likely need to open the units mixer on the computer and set up each channel panned hard left and right, Ch1 L, Ch2 R, Ch3 L, Ch4 R.

As for the connectivity issues, I have no clue. I was very interested in these units but in the end opted for Apollo x’s as saw little going on via the forums. I have my MR units slaved to them and its a great setup. The MR units are still awesome.

Thanks Fuzzy,

Yeah, I’m guessing it is possible via a connected computer but with no connectivity I was hoping to use it as a slave to Apollo.

The no connectivity continues.


Were you able to fix this issue? If so, please let me know how as i am having a similar issue.

I’m having the same issues and constantly need to reboot to see the AXR4

What firewire card are you using?

There’s no Firerwire card with the AXR4.

Sam refers to an AXR4 and a UA Apollo. ARX4 connectivity issue as main interface as cannot get the computer to see it. Also issues connecting it to an Apollo via ADAT as some setup on the AXR4 is required in order for this to work as required.

What’s your specific issue?

Also, its much easier to get help when you have a sig applied to your profile, detailing your comp spec, OS inc version number and connected hardware and DAW, inc version number. Issues with PC’s and Thunderbolt mean its a good idea to inc motherboard info and any 3rd party TB cards used.

I apologize. What i meant to ask is what Thunderbolt card was he using.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro with an Asus Thunderbolt card.

My issue is that when i turn the AXR4 off and on it disappears and Nuendo can not find the AXR4 and I need to reboot the computer for Windows to find it and get it to work again.

Since buying the unit I did a search and saw that Steinberg has listed this as a known issue for Windows users.

I’m hoping that there is a work around.

No problem. Hope a solution presents itself soon for you.

My solution is to leave it on 24/7. I hope that doesn’t wear out the components.

Not at all ideal. With known issues, the last update was published in June 2019, I hope you see an update soon.

Steinberg told me it’s a problem with windows and they did what they could so unless there’s a Windows update for firewire this is something I will need to just put up with.

Oh dear! We’re they not more specific?

I don’t have that issue with my Apollo’s. I assume you meant ‘Thunderbolt’

I don’t know why keep saying “firewire”. Yes i did mean “thunderbolt”. It seems that Microsoft is pretty weak with their development concerning thunderbolt.

This was the case a few years back but on modern boards or even my older asus x-99 Aii with the added TB3 expansion card, the external drives the Apollo’s and other TB gear are working without issue. Steinberg are always a bit too quick to pass on the blame, sometimes justified of course, but sadly have a history of slow and occasionally non existent (at least how it appears to some of us) hardware support. Something I feel is not a staff thing, they’re great, but a corporate decision thing from the invisibles way up in the clouds.

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The hardware support does seem non-existent, amazing when you consider the price tag.