As of Cubase 10 whats the exact difference between it and the latest version of Nuendo ??

Hi , really want to know , As of Cubase 10 whats the exact difference between it and the latest version of Nuendo ?? wondered all along , only know that C pro 10 is more Midi oriented , and Nuendo is more for audio processing ?? thankx all … ws

Hi there, here is a chart that compares Cubase and Nuendo:

Bummer - looks like NO plans or ‘video rendering’ for Cubase. Equally a bummer that Cubase feature - ‘replace audio in video’ was removed some time ago NEVER to have at least that restored in Cubase. I guess I will continue to use another company’s software to handle this aspect of my work film composing (Da Vinci Resolve) which as a ‘work-around’ is really quite good in what it does.


Matthias has confirmed today that video rendering will return to Cubase, but will appear first in the Nuendo 10.2 update. For now, not even Nuendo has video rendering.

We have to remember how we got to where we are. The old video engine was reliant on Quicktime Player, which Apple discontinued on Windows (don’t know what happened on Mac; I’m not a Mac user), and certainly on Windows didn’t support many of the codecs used today. An entirely new video engine was needed and it is simply the case that Steinberg have not got round to adding the relevant functionality.

Video rendering is undoubtedly an important feature for those using Cubase and Nuendo for many film and video workflows, but it is possible to export the audio and use external software to render. DaVinci Resolve is a popular choice. Equally, there are people with different workflows who are waiting for features that matter to them. Steinberg have finite development resources.

I understand the anger, I really do. People got used to the feature set of the legacy video engine and miss those features that have yet to be replaced. It wasn’t Steinberg who took the decision to can QuickTime for Windows without fixing serious security weaknesses.

There are firm plans to deliver video rendering in a future Nuendo 10 update and for video rendering to return to Cubase in the future - though I would not take this as a commitment that Cubase 10 will get video rendering in a future free update.

They are saying “video export” will be a part of 10.5. See more here:

I’d pay just about ANYTHING for this in 10.5. :slight_smile: Great news!!!

Thankx all for the above . I thought and had taken for granted that Video rendering was there as part of old cubase n must have been improved by now ?? n now i hear removed ?? specially in todays day n age , as Audio n Video go hand in hand??? and after the , removal of right click drop down menu ?? what more else is removed ?? are we moving forward in time ???

Apple stopped supporting Quicktime for Windows so Steinberg has started a video engine from scratch, with features like video rendering still missing but coming in the future.

The right click menu is now context sensitive so it doesn’t show irrelevant options, but not all the features have been added back yet so it’s quite empty at the moment.

Again wrong.
Video rendering has never been a part of Cubase or Nuendo.

Then its high Time Video is addressed … an a necessity today …