As project gets bigger, copying and pasting becomes excruciatingly long

What can I do to optimize things? This project isn’t that large. It has about 16 instruments with lots of divisis. It’s a 13 minute long piece. I’m about half way through it now, and it’s getting so even copying a few measures of material and pasting it takes like 30 seconds. I’m using a 2019 mac pro 16 core with 256 gig of ram, and my cpu is at 6% and memory using 53 gigs. Any help on how to speed dorico up would be really appreciated.

I don’t have condensing on, and I have tried shutting down and restarting my computer. I’m working primarily in galley view.

EDIT: well, it’s actually taking so long that Dorico becomes unresponsive and freezes.

Copying and pasting shouldn’t take 30 seconds. Run Activity Monitor and select the Dorico process from the list of running processes, then when you paste and the beachball appears, go to Activity Monitor and from the little menu on the toolbar, choose Sample Process. Zip up the resulting file and attach it here. It will hopefully tell us where Dorico is spending its time.

This is an issue with the Audio Engine (sadly, again). When I disable that, then Dorico is being snappy. Man, I love Dorico so much, but I have spent more time this week just trying to keep things running than composing. :frowning:

You’re not really disabling the audio engine, but deactivating your project for playback, so the audio engine itself is still running. As we’ve seen with your travails with your project this week, deactivating and reactivating your project doesn’t always play well with the BBCSO plug-in you’re using (if my memory serves). BBCSO is not fantastic when it comes to performance, and it’s not uncommon for it to cause Dorico to get pretty bogged down.

Perhaps it would also be instructive to have a sample of the VST Audio Engine process during pasting, too.

In fact, it would probably be best if you choose Run Spindump from Activity Monitor, which will sample all processes running on the computer, and zip up and attach that log file.

I’m using Kontakt. I was hosting the Kontakt instances inside Dorico but a few days ago switched them all to being hosted in VEP and that’s worked for me until now. So I have been spending this last 30 minutes or so working with the playback disabled and editing has been snappy. I just turned it back on to run your test and it immediately slowed way down. Dorico isn’t freezing completely. I get the spinning ball, and then the little watch icon and back and forth for a couple minutes and then it pastes the measures. It’s a very small amount of data-like two measures being pasted on a single instrument.

I just ran a spindump while Dorico was thinking. Attached. Thanks Daniel! (474.6 KB)

hmm, well it actually seems to be Dorico freaking out about copying measures from a specific instrument-regardless of if I have VSTs connected or not. Doing the Violins and violas is quick. If I try and copy a measure from the cellos, it take like 3 minutes.

EDIT: nope, not even the instrument. Just one particular section that it seems to really hate copying. OK, I’ll just work around that section and see if that takes care of it.

It would be interesting to know the content of that one particular section, in case it indicates something untoward is going on with copy and paste. Feel free to email me the score at r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de with a description of the troublesome section.