asio & audio driver painfull sharing [SOLVED]

I find it very awkward to share the laptop audio out between dorico’s ASIO out and my favorite mp3 audio player (Amazing slow downer).
I know the suspend audio in the background tick but in the case I want to play the song I’m transcribing on ASD
look at, and scroll, the work in progress score on Dorico, ASIO takes the audio stream back.

Is there some trick or driver or that could allow this ?

I was thinking of a setting in Dorico that would silence Dorico and make it invisible to the audio stream so I could listen to some other audio player while scrolling, working in a Dorico.


Not exactly sure what you want, but you can try this:

  • If you want to hear audio from other apps while working in Dorico, you should UNTICK “Suspend audio device in background”

  • If you want Dorico to be silent while you’re editing music, go to Preferences. Don’t know exactly where it is on windows, but maybe under the File menu. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘General’ page, and you should find “Play notes under input and selection”. Is this what you need?

Another thing you could try is open Windows playback devices and uncheck allow applications to take exclusive control of the device.

Have you tried looking in the settings for your RME card? I would expect that if you are using a decent sound card like that then it should be multi-client. For instance I have Dorico working at the same time as YouTube, media player, etc without any conflicts (with a Steinberg CI2).

Alternatively, maybe your media player is using the very old Windows audio API rather than DirectX, which, may mean that it grabs exclusive control of the audio device, so try looking in the device settings for the media player.

Dorico is on my laptop, nvidia high def audio and the asio is either the steinberg asio or asio4all
I have ordered a Roland mobile UA-M10 (ASIO) for my laptop.
Hope this will work better

I have a success
I had to right click the speaker tray symbol
go to output devices
un-check allow application to take the exclusive control blablabla

Bingo It works: Amazing Slow Downer AND Dorico at the same time in perfect harmony

thank you guys