ASIO. Audio drops outs

As you can see, my performance meter at the top
this is all I get moving to v 12 …
I got the upgrade at release, it’s been the same even with updates that were meant to help
but no improvement for me

even with no plugins loaded, a clean project the performance meter floats around half way
doing nothing
RYZEN 3400g , 4ghz 8 Cores
DDR4 3200, MHZ
NVMe Samsung evo 980

The performance meter is clipping when the songs not even playing
I’ve spent so much time on here trying to get help
I’ve put a ticket in about 2 months ago
nothing back,
is it my computer specs ? i just want to make some music

Open task manager and see what’s going on.
Nothing unusual, no process with high load ?

Have you tried running LatencyMon?

Yes that all back with very good results
thanks for the reply


Have you had good performance with that Fiio device before? (I’m not familiar with the brand.)
This could be tricky. Unless you recently done so, I would consider a fresh, clean install of everything from scratch. I know, not something that’ll give you a warm and fuzzy, but sometimes there are no other options.
Other than that it’s just the usual things such as Windows power settings, USB power settings, remove unnecessary devices, uninstall unnecessary software, tinker with Multi Processing option in Cubase together with processor BIOS settings, turn off Windows “Fast start” (or whatever it’s called)…

Do you have access to a different audio interface for testing?

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Your CPU is pretty “modest”. It’s not 8 cores, it’s only 4 (with two threads per core). It’s also as far as I know a first-generation Zen core, or Zen+ (I suppose some would call it second gen), and that’s not a great core design by today’s standards. Given that it has integrated graphics I’m thinking you’re just taxing the CPU too much.

Judging from your Task Manager screenshot I would try to turn off all that anti-virus stuff (just use stock Windows tools for that, they’re totally fine), and I’d also turn off all of the web-cam stuff or whatever it is. Anything multimedia related that has processes running I would try to stop from running.


Thank you for your comment, i appreciate it
yes all is fine before c12
i have all setting to max on this computer

I just think it maybe times to get a new CPU, or wait for next gen Ryzen as new socket
that’s if silicon prices come down and WW3 is not inbound ;}

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thanks i will try that

see if that helps , not much more i can do

I think you might be ok with even just a six or eight core AM4 CPU from the latest generation, honestly. That won’t be too much money I would think. Only thing is you’d likely want a separate GPU as opposed to integrated (just because of CPU pricing and availability) so that might drive up the cost if you don’t already have one.

Or just wait for the next gen.

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i have a rx480 GPU i can use and see if i can get a
7 series 16 threads i think
ill have to see if my mother board is OK with that
what we really need is a dedicated accelerator for audio processing in the CPU like a ASIC or like apple does with h264 /5

Thanks again for your help :}

Came here to post the same problem. 2 instrument from arturia open with a roland 808, So 3 vst’s and spiking like crazy. Changed a ton of settings with the same result. Cubase 11 and below I’ve had 12+ vsts running with no complications.

Cubase 12 Pro
Windows 11 64-bit
i7-11th Gen
8 cores, 16 processors

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Which exact version are you running plz (12.0, 12.02, 12.0.30)? To start, make sure you have a clean install of 12.0.30 - make sure you have AV exceptions added for your project directories as well.
What type of video card do you have? Try starting Cubase in safe mode to see if that changes anything at all. Let me know if any of this helps at all…I had this issue and was able to fix it as well as some other nasty freezes and the like on windows 11 after I bought cubase 12 pro.

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Thanks for the reply Win 11 yes all upto date , drivers etc also
yes i have all updates v .30
not done a clean installation, i don’t want to lose all my configs
i done A/B on /off with AV , and all other AV background processes . No difference with performance
disabled plugins, no difference , the performance meter floats around half way with some peeks
while doing nothing and blank project and no other applications open
at the atm im using in built GPU

Ryzen 3400g . i can run from RX 480 .
also tried different asio drivers, same thing

maybe i just need a better cpu

Well, it sucks if all was fine before you went to v 12.x. If you were in NYC I’d lend you my old 8-core CPU to see if it’d be an improvement, but I’m guessing you’re not.

When it comes to integrated graphics I think it may be more complicated than just what the graphics side can do by itself. If I understand things correctly the integrated graphics has to use main memory to pull data from which means it’s then shared between it and the CPU. So that could make for some bottlenecks that aren’t obvious when looking at just the graphics performance side of it (i.e. it’s “only” at 8%, so should it matter?.. yes it might)…

Again though, if it was working in versions before 12 then… I dunno…

PS: Is that screenshot with the RX480 in use?

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I’m not using the 480s for video output.
you’re correct, the GPU in the CPU die is pulling VRAM from the Ram DDR4 16GB 3200mhz
but ill try that, see if that works. And thank you kindly for the offer,
But it may take me a while to get to you, as I’m English :wink:

If all else fails, new motherboard and CPU , properly a series 5 Ryzen—SKU --7

Tried with RX480 8gb strix oc
no difference.
Ran test,

Cubase 12 performance meter still going crazy, with a few plugins , HIVE 2, Serum
pro Q EQ, drums and a Audio track and a few others. lol

Bummer. Wish I could email it to you… but alas…

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You might double check and make sure you’re power plan is set to Ultimate Performance. Windows likes to change this after an update.

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Hi and thanks
there’s are no restrictions to regrading power save
its all full throttle

I’m going to do a clean win 11 install with prob take me a day to instal all my software again
but only option i have …
Cubase 11 was fine for me, i could have more than enough plugins and tracks
going on
so it’s very odd. ill save up for a new computer and brut force it i guess
So i added a REAL TIME AUDIO
PROCESSING UNIT to the M1 chip ;}

what we need i think is a dedicated accelerator chip , to handle audio RTP ASIC, or like arm , could be maybe a card to use the PCIE lanes .