ASIO buffers/latency value record/mix quick-change selector 'button'.

It’s common practice to set your audio interface to very low buffers/latency setting while tracking/recording new stuff, to facilitate good timing and ‘live’ DAW audio timing during the recording process.

It’s also common practice to set your audio interface to much higher buffers/latency setting while mixing, to necessarily reduce the load on the system/CPU as the project increases in complexity.

In many cases this setting has to be changed multiple times during work on a project, and this is inefficient and somewhat annoying. Each time you have to change it to and from each setting is (on my system) 7 mouse clicks - so 14 clicks to change it and change it back again.

Can we have an option to define both of these values simultaneously - one for tracking, one for mixing - and an easy to access button on the main window interface where we can simply click once to change from the low to higher setting as defined already in a menu.

I did consider the idea of the user’s optimum setting being selected automatically by the system when record mode is activated/deactivated, but perhaps this might result in the operator not understanding what is going on and lead to problems and user confusion.

I can’t quite understand why this isn’t already a feature - it’s something which happens so many times during a project.

BTW I’ve tried to do t his with Macros, but the ASIO control panel does not seem accessible through macros, and anyway this would not result in a nice toggle button in the interface…


I think the problem would be the maker of the ASIO driver, since they´re responsible for the ASIO panel and it´s actions. One thing you could try for workaround is AutoHotKey

Yeah I get that, but this would be so useful, maybe a bit of cooperation between ASIO and DAW vendors/devs could achieve this.

Yep. I solved this using ahk too, I use a key command to switch between buffersizes in less than 1 second :slight_smile:

Care to enlighten us?

If you mean macros and hot keys within cubase, I couldn’t find a way to access the ASIO panel that way.

By ahk I assume you mean

Long time since I wrote any code.

yes indeed. You need to write your own code with click/mouse movements/key commands/etc. I needed about a week to get this to work properly, then I built my own scripts to fasten up my workflow. Now I have all kinds of shortcut scripts to get rid of all click heavy operations or access controls in cubase which dont have their own key commands. Highly recommended. Their community is really helpful and everything is well documented.

With asio guard active, the need of changing buffer size should be less needed, if at all.

Interesting. Not my experience.
For tight timing reasons, I always track at 5ms latency or less.

I mix at 20ms latency or more

I’ve not seen ASIO guard able to offer that…?

Had a chat today with someone high up in Focusrite who knows how this all works in the real world, about the idea of an ASIO quick change option.

He pointed out is that Pro Tools already has this, and that it is entirely possible from within the DAW for any DAW. It just needs the DAW vendor to implement it.

So back to my original suggestion at the top of the thread. Can we have this please in Cubase?