ASIO Device Open failure (Cubase Pro 11 and Bias FX 2 Pro)

Im trying to play my guitar with a track on Cubase, and it seems i either can have one ASIO driver for one of each program. I´ve tried ASIO4all but it doesnt work. What can i do?

My computer has Windows 10 (64 bit), all of the programs are in 64 bit. What can i do? im new to this

You don’t say what audio interface you are using or which driver you are using with it. If the track is within Cubase then you should be able to do it. If you mean play a track on say YouTube and record both into Cubase then you would need multi client drivers like rme has. Asio4all is an option but not as good as most bative drivers. It depends on exactly what you are trying to achieve. I think you need to add a bit more detail.

Thanks for the reply, i didn’t know that about YouTube recordings. Sorry about not being so informative. Im not good with PCs and all that. I use Line6 UX2 as a interface which i believe has an Asio driver called Asio UX2. When I use that on amp sim(Bias Fx2) i can hear the sound since the program is standalone. In cubase Bias Fx can be used as a plugin. So when I choose Asio UX2 on Cubase it says driver open failure. Meaning i can’t record my sound or hear what has allready been recorded. When I use generic low latency driver from my computer, it works though ! But im not sure if that is recommended?

only one software can use the ASIO driver at a time…
Close the standalone version of Bias FX and use the plug in on an input bus?

How can i do that on a Cubase 11 pro? It seems when I place the plugin in a audio file, i can only see that signal is engaged when I strum the guitar but no sound will then come out.

Press the monitor button on the track you create for the guitar. You will need your buffers set pretty low though so not to get latency. I don’t know how low the pod6 buffers go. Are you sure that you can’t direct monitor the guitar and hear the sound from Cubase back from the computer? What does the manual for the pod6 say about how it works as an audio interface?