ASIO Direct Monitoring Grayed Out on Interface that Supports it

I just bought a new audio interface, specifically the Behringer UMC404HD which supposed to support ASIO direct monitoring, but when I choose the ASIO driver for it in Cubase, the direct monitoring button is grayed out. I do have the latest Windows 10 drivers installed directly from the Behringer site. Does anyone have ideas as to why?

Here is a link to the product page of the interface.

That device has its own direct monitoring, but it doesn’t seem to support ASIO direct monitoring, since the word ASIO is not in its manual. (There is a Monitor button on the front of the device, which comes to the same thing, but the daw will not display a Hardware section in the mixer. )

Oh now I get it, I think. I assume what you lose in Direct vs ASIO direct is that you don;t hear effects assigned to the INPUT channel but you can still hear them in a output channel track and when monitoring is turned on for that channel - correct?

In looking around at other interfaces that support ASIO Direct Monitoring, I can’t even seem to find one at almost any prices, let alone under $300.

Check out the Steinberg UR44, it has built in fx and compression/eq and supports ASIO D.M., which means you get its channel strip integrated into the mix console in the Hardware rack. It’s exactly $300 here:, you might even find it for less if you shop around. :wink:

What you lose in “direct” vs. “ASIO direct” monitoring is, that the monitoring functions of your hardware are being controlled from within Cubase in ASIO direct monitoring. It´s got nothing to do with hearing (VST) effects from inside Cubase during recording.